18 October 2013

Patients 2.0. Themes and relationships in a community of diabetic patients

Pazienti 2.0 - Diabete

The following post is an example of an approach that combines the structural analysis of a social network (an online discussion board) and the content analysis of the messages exchanged, aimed at representing the relationships between the users also in consideration of the content exchanged (and vice versa ).

Another example of this approach is published here in Autonomie a rischio: attori e temi del dibattito sul destino della Provincia di Teramo.

This … >>

1 September 2013

Bigfoot and rhinos. Nonbeing TV


Recently, there has been a swarm of documentaries on the quest for things that, according to science, do not exist: ghosts, monsters of Loch Ness, Yeti, Bigfoots etc. … I find them delightful, especially for their audacious narrative construction. … >>

27 August 2013

Enigma #merkel. Portrait of a woman of power

enigma merkel copertina

For eight years now, Angela Merkel has represented the power in Europe, as in the subtitle of the new book by Ubaldo Villani-Lubelli, Enigma #merkel (“In Europe, the power is woman”).

First, she is the Bundeskanzlerin, and Germany – after the troubled years of reunification – is once again the locomotive of Europe. More importantly, Merkel can be considered as the emblem of the dynamics of power (a little indecipherable) in a continent that appears … >>

23 August 2013

The renewed RCommander

R logo

Version 2.0-0 of RCommander has been released, featuring the integration of HTML and PDF report generation, by the means of the markdown language. … >>

18 August 2013

Welcome to the new site!


At the end of a long break, Sociospunti has moved to this new address (www.agnesevardanega.eu). The transition should be seamless for the readers of the blog, but those who used to visit my personal site may perhaps feel a bit confused.

Most of the pages of the old site are still here, but, taking advantage of my sabbatical year, I completely reorganized the old “Didattica” area (“Courses“), moving everything to the platform made available by Google (Google Sites), which allows a better collaboration from everyone, and … >>

25 September 2012

Lazio’s governor resignation: Twitter’s reactions as a semantic network


To synthesize Twitter reactions to the Lazio governor’s resignation, I collected 2,624 messages between yesterday evening and this morning, to submit them to a text-mining procedure: lemmatisation and selection of keywords (by TLAB ), and then a network analysis of the most relevant lemmas (with igraph).

The wordcloud represents the selected keywords (entries with a frequency> 10, having excluded terms of common use). The following lemmas have been also exclude: Renata (267 … >>

5 May 2012

2012 Italian Local Elections
Candidates on Facebook

Published on LaDemocrazia.it

The following charts represent the usage of Facebook Pages by Italian mayoral candidates (see also Candidates’ web presence). Hovering the mouse over the bars, data details will appear.

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27 April 2012

2012 Italian Local Elections:
The usage of websites

Published on LaDemocrazia.it

The chart summarizes the data related to the usage of websites by Italian mayoral candidates (with a website – see. Candidates’ web presence). Hovering the mouse over the bars, data details will appear.

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